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Sickness Recovery

Our nurses and PSWs are ready whenever you are to assist the recovering journey.
Taking care of a family member who is recovering from surgery or an illness can be very demanding for both the caregiver and the person who receives care. This section will give you guidance in how to make the older person feel comfortable and at ease while he or she gets stronger with your help and support. At the end of this section is a part on setting up a sickroom and administering care with practical suggestions for giving care to a person who is ill.
You may need to purchase or rent medical equipment and assistive devices. If so, check the yellow pages in your phone book for local medical equipment companies. Hospital staff (nurses, therapists, and social workers, and discharge planners) can tell you what equipment you will need and will make suggestions about how to obtain it.

The healthcare provider can arrange for visiting nurses and therapists to visit the home to assess your equipment needs and to show you how to use it.