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Regular Checkups

Our nurses and PSWs can do regular checkups to make sure you are stable and everything is under control while you are at home recovering.

Seniors can develop various health issues in a short span of time. Issues, such as hearing loss and vision loss, can evolve progressively over the course of several months. Scheduling regular medical checkups with your doctor can help detect these issues before they become more severe.

Even if you believe you are healthy and do not feel as though you are suffering from any medical issues, conducting a routine screening can strengthen this assumption. Our health provider may also be able to make further suggestions pertaining to how you can maintain a healthy and active lifestyle well into your senior years.

In addition to receiving health suggestions from our staff a regular medical checkup can help you develop a bond with our health staff. The more frequently you see our health staff, the easier it will become to discuss important health issues with him or her should these problems begin to occur.