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Blogs are an incredible resource for today’s older generation. Whether you’re an active senior interested in connecting with fellow retirees online or reading about the adventures other retirees are embarking on, or you’re a family caregiver seeking support and guidance to aid you through your caregiving journey. ECAH blogs, there are a multitude of valuable resources readily available with a few clicks of the mouse. With advances in medicine and technology, our elders are living longer than ever. With this longer life expectancy comes great joy in passing down legacies, traditions, and memories of time gone by. More seniors are leading active, vibrant lifestyles today – long into their golden years – than ever before.

Baby boomers, for instance, who are now entering their retirement years, are now looking forward to decades of active retirement living. Active older adults will find plenty of blogs that celebrate the joys of aging, provide tips for maintaining an active lifestyle, and overcoming some of the common issues that arise throughout the golden years, such as navigating the complex healthcare system, coping with financial challenges, and more

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    • Mental Health and Hospitalization

      Written by: Jenna Chou, PMP, MSc., MBADate: April 23, 2021  Substance use and addiction are complex and there are indicators reflects long-term outcomes of public health efforts, and community and social services. It also reflects the need of different populations, which are impacted by factors such as income, education, social network, housing, and personal and or […]

    • 5 Tips for Helping the Elderly with Personal Hygiene

      Everyday tasks can become more difficult as we age. For many seniors, good personal hygiene can be especially challenging due to a lack of mobility and sometimes a sheer lack of energy. Depression, isolation, dementia, a fear of falling, or medication side effects can all cause seniors to lose interest in or completely neglect their […]

    • The Health Testing All Seniors Need

      As you age, your need for regular medical testing usually increases. Now is when you need to be proactive about your health and monitor changes in your body.  Below are 15 tests that you should think about having.  Talk to your family doctor       Blood Pressure Check – One in every 3 adults has […]

    • Fall Rates in Patients 65+ Year Old’s

      The annual incidence of falls among elderly persons living in the community increases from 25 percent at 70 years of age to 35 percent after 75 years of age.1 Fifty percent of elderly persons who fall do so repeatedly. Falls are even more common in nursing homes, where the average annual incidence of reported falls is […]

    • Malnutrition

        Written by: Jenna Chou, PMP Date: May 13, 2021 Malnutrition, is a dietary deficiency that results in poor health conditions. We typically think of malnutrition as it relates to children not eating enough of the right foods. It can also occur when children eat too much of the wrong foods. Sadly, these combined contribute […]

    • mHealth (Mobile Health) Trends 2021

      Written by: Jenna Chou©, PMP Date: May 5, 2021 Consumer mHealth (mobile health) is the practice of medicine and consumer health by using mobile devices. The consumer mHealth uses mobile and wireless technologies to generate data on an individual’s biology, daily environment and physiology. mHealth aids in the fast delivery of telemedicine services by using […]