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Senior Care

Our specialty is senior home care. We do this through our dedicated PSW and nurses. Caring for seniors and our elders requires long-term care planning. But many family members become home health aides overnight without being ready for it. A loved one falls down or an illness triggers a change in responsibility. After a certain period of time, family home health aides may realize they need help and begin searching for other solutions for senior care, which may include home care. Senior care options like adult day centers, retirement facilities, and nursing homes may not always be right and can be expensive. Home health care usually means a combination of non-medical and skilled medical or in-home nursing care services that enable seniors and others to live independently in their homes as long as possible. BrightStar Care can provide this valuable ongoing home care support. Benefits of Senior Home Care Home is always associated with comfort, security and positive feeling. For seniors and for all of us, when we are not feeling well, we all want to be at home. Home care keeps families together while providing support. Senior home care can often be customized and personalized to a greater degree to suit both the needs of the senior and family. Home is where there is maximum freedom, security and comfort for the individual. Many times hospitals and nursing homes are more regulated. Home care offers much more flexibility.

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