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Physiotherapy (Tele-Physio)

Our tele-physiotherapist are courteous and experienced. We assess the conditions of the patients via video-conferencing platform for the physiotherapist to have a good idea of what kind of medical work is needed to help the patient heal. Our tele-physiotherapists not only assess the patients’ conditions, come up with a personalized and customized plan for rehabilitation, and work with the patients every step of the way in the healing journey. Our tele-physio pricing are reasonable and affordable, starting with: Duration Fee 15 minute $45 $40 30 minute $80 $72 45 minute $107 $96 60 minute $125 $112 The physiotherapist, after the initial assessment, will visit the patient in person as well to make sure that all the rehab exercises are done properly, the patient understands their conditions and what to do to heal. For ongoing clients, we have special tele-physio packages that are available for purchase, which could result in discounts when purchased in larger quantities. Physiotherapy video calls are tax-free, and qualify as Physiotherapy for Medical Expense Tax Credits and for extended health insurance purposes. It is helpful in treating and diagnosis a number of physical conditions that include a minor injury to major fractures.