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5 Tips for Helping the Elderly with Personal Hygiene

Everyday tasks can become more difficult as we age. For many seniors, good personal hygiene can be especially challenging due to a lack of mobility and sometimes a sheer lack of energy. Depression, isolation, dementia, a fear of falling, or medication side effects can all cause seniors to lose interest in or completely neglect their personal hygiene and grooming.

  • Identify the Issues

Ensure to identify the root cause of the senior’s hygiene issues.  Is it because of physical mobility?  Or is it mental issue concerns that’s bogging them down? Sometimes a simple conversation can discover what the seniors’ real needs are.  

  • Establish a Routine

Establishing a routine such as this example – waking up, showing, breakfast, walk, lunch, walk, leisure time, dinner, walk, conversation time, read a book – can help seniors get back on track to do what they love to do.  They won’t feel that they are a burden to their loved ones, they maintain hobbies that allows them to enjoy their lives, and good conversations with the family help maintain the relationship to prevent isolation and depression.  

  • Make sure Bathrooms are Safe

The fear of falling or slipping can often be enough to prevent seniors from using a shower or bath altogether. Install the right equipment in the bathroom – such as handrails in the shower and near the toilet, install raised toilet seats, and add a bench in the shower.

  • Hygiene Aids

There are many devices that are designed to solve elderly hygiene issues by making it easier for them to take care of their own hygiene.  Shower chairs, no-rinse bathing wipes, and long-handled shower brushes, etc. can help taking care of personal hygiene easier.

  • Hiring a Professional such as Personal Support Workers (PSW)

A professional caregiver can provide personal hygiene services for you. Your loved one may prefer this option if he or she has been avoiding having to ask you or another family member for help. They may actually feel more comfortable having a non-family member perform these tasks.  PSWs can assist the seniors in variety of tasks such as light house cleaning, bathing, picking up medications, dispense the medications, and companionship.  

Caring for patients and seniors who needs mobility care, personalized healthcare treatment plan, we recommend booking through MyECAH and let a healthcare professional and PSWs help you and your hygiene.