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Why join ECAH as a Caregiver Webinar
25th Feb 2021 1 & 6 PM EST

extended to
Feb 25th

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Complete 5 hours of booking with us, and receive 50% off on your 6th hour.

Why join ECAH as a Caregiver Webinar
25th Feb 2021 1 & 6 PM EST

extended to
Feb 25th

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I had been struggling to find a registered nurse that was able to do the hours that I required.

While it was tough to secure a registered nurse for my immediate need, ECAH was able to help me find a very compassionate PSW to meet my hourly request.

Anonymized Client


I joined ECAH as a PSW through a friend’s referral. App registration was easy. I got in touch with ECAH’s team and expressed interest in a client’s job.

I got my first customer booking within 2 days!

I accepted and started working the very next week. For my first client visit, I was offered a free ride to the place as they had promised.

I had a safe & great experience working with my first client in Mississauga and I got paid for the job the following week.

I recommend this app to any PSW looking for extra income to match their main job.

Kiran, PSW


ECAH and the team were very helpful in helping me find the most appropriate caregiver for my mother.

I had a very specific requirement for language and the rate that I desired. ECAH was able to fulfil my request with ease.

After going through the one-time setup on the app, the whole experience made it very easy for me to re-book my caregiver without having to call ECAH every time.

Anonymized Client


I had an urgent need for a caregiver to look after my aging parents, who had taken a turn for the worst.

After some initial research, I came across the ECAH option.

I was able to arrange immediate support as needed at a competitive price, and the peace of mind that came with this, knowing that I could rely on this option going forward, as needed.


Client, Toronto

Being a part of ECAH has been a rewarding journey to say the least. Our mission to provide care anytime and anywhere is one that resonates with me personally.

Seeing my grandmother in bed for the past two months now after she suffered from a stroke, I am well aware of the impact such an experience has on surrounding members of the family.

The ability to fulfil our client’s requests to ensure they get quality care for their loved ones immediately and when needed, is a very satisfying feeling



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